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Panel Saw

  • MJ1600 panel saw
  • MJ1600 panel saw
  • MJ1600 panel saw
MJ1600 panel sawMJ1600 panel sawMJ1600 panel saw

MJ1600 panel saw

  • panel saw
  • sliding table saw
  • board cutting saw
  • board saw
  • Product description:

Manual tilt cutting from 0 to 45 degree

Manual up&down

1600mm length sliding table

V,Rollers types at customer's option.

3kw main motor

0.75kw scoring motor

300x30mm,120x20mm size saw blades

Max.cutting height:80mm(300mm saw blade)

Option:Electrical up&down,Electrical tilt cutting

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Contact: Mark Wu

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Add: Licang Industrial park,Qingdao city,China

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